READ: 10 of the best Chew Toyd for Doodles! It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Fetch is something you have to train them to do and this toy makes learning fetch fun same with the ball LAUNCHERS…>. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Groomer already spend a good 2-4 hours on a regular groom and they will refuse to comb out mats by hand…. Check out all of Life’s Abundance Dog Food Formulas and Dog Treats Available at You’ll need a good slicker brush. Don’t give them an excuse to use your favorite shoes or ear phones as their teething ring! 6-12 months which also just so happens to be the rebellious “adodolescent stage”. All Aussies are welcome. Also make sure to keep you’re crate wherever you’re family socializes the most during the day and you can always move it to your room at night if that seems to help calm them the first couple nights of training, which is usually the longest it takes to get most puppies to relax and sleep without whining in the crate at night… IF YOU’RE CONSISTENT. Another option is the Honest Kitchen Raw dehydrated dog food... which makes a type of mush you can mix in with warm water and your dogs kibble. Some RAW bones are OK. Xmas Toys – Mattie- Standard Aussiedoodle. I use this brush on ever Doodle and Poodle in my pack without worrying about brush burn, and it’s also a miracle dematting tool. It was first recommended to me by my Veterinarian and it has been part of my grooming toolbox ever since. An Aussie is the perfect pet! Adjust as you feel is needed, based on your own puppy … These are a much harder chew but they never seem to hurt the puppies teeth and no joke, THESE LAST FOREVER!! Nyla bones are fake bones but fun and of course last forever… Unless they bury them!