Reply. Capacity matters in any concealed carry pistol. Fortunately for us, recent introductions to the market have set new benchmarks in the capacity-versus-size game. Should i get the Springfield Hellcat or the glock 43x. With the arrival of the Sig Sauer P365, offering 10+1 capacity, the possibility of a better choice looms. The magazine release is smaller than the Glock 43 and triangular in design. A visual comparison. Here's how these two extremely popular carry guns stack up against each other! The ergonomic differences will be largely subjective between shooters, but I tend to gravitate more to the P365 XL than the 43X. Because I’m fond of frangibles, I also threw in some Inceptor 9mm 65-grain ARX. Przyjemnosc zycia jest przyjemnoscia plynaca z cwiczenia duszy; to jest bowiem prawdziwe zycie. Glock 43 vs Sig 365: Trigger. Summary: User Ratings: Springfield Armory Hellcat. Glock 43. 50% with 0 review Glock 43. It my first gun I’m going to buy since i moved to Texas i want it to be a nice one. In this video I review the Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43x, Sig P365, the Smith Wesson Shield 1.0 and M&P Shield 2.0 to discover which pistol is best for concealed carry. Minuteman. ... My wife has a Glock 43 and it has over 4000 rounds without one failure. Both the Hellcat and the Sig P365 blow the corresponding Glock out of the water. On paper, the differences between these guns appear to be very slight, but in the real world even these slight differences can have a big impact. With the RMRcc you can get your Springfield Armory Hellcat, Glock G48, Smith & Wesson Shield, (insert popular carry gun HERE) mounted up with an RMRcc and there will be no detrimental overhang of the slide. In fact, until September 25th, 2019, there was no real competitor that came close in size and capacity. The Remington 870 has earned legendary status among gun aficionados. You can carry a Glock 19 IWB as easily as a 26. The Hellcat is 6 inches long versus the Glock 43’s 6.26-inch length. Hey guys, I recently submitted my paperwork for my CCW and now its just the waiting game. Well, it will be soon. When I say carryability, I’m referring to the ease in which you can carry a gun which depends greatly on the gun’s size and shape. We'll give you the 411 on it. Best is a relative term to personal preference. But at one point you could buy two shields for the price of 1 sig (or one shield, the holster, new sights for the price of the sig). Whats the best concraled carry holster for the glock and hellcat? Thanks again for the article. With this review, I decided to head to the range and compare the Glock 43X versus the Springfield Hellcat. Super high capacity (at least one more round than any other comparably sized pistol). I like capacity (the G43X even has an aftermarket mag that fits 15 rounds in the same size as the stock Glock 10 round mag for it! Sig P365 XL vs Glock 43X: Features. To put things into perspective, I sold my Glock 27 the same day that I got my P365 because I became instantly aware of the fact that the Glock was now a relic. However, the Glock 43 does have the advantage of being a Glock. The GLOCK 20 Gen4, in 10mm, provides nothing short of massive firepower. Which do you prefer, and why? The Hellcat is slightly smaller, and that typically makes the gun easier to carry. VS. Dimensions. You can also use a 17 round, or larger, P320 mag if you don’t mind the added length. 1.3 3 Glock 43 9mm – Best Conceal Carry Handgun For Women 1.4 4 Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard – Best Pocket Pistol for Women 1.5 5 Springfield Armory Hellcat 3” Micro-Compact 9mm – Highest Capacity Handgun for Women The Springfield Hellcat is most likely the first of several competitors to the SIG Sauer P365 over the next few years. 2 Optics Ready and Wrap-Over Serrations. You may also enjoy these popular articles: ©MTC Holsters, LLC and CrossBreed Holsters Blog, 2020. The XDs is usually carried with the smaller mag and 6 rounds total. Concealed Carry Showdown: The Springfield Hellcat vs. Glock 43. G 43 vs Hellcat vs P 365. Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact . The Hellcat is slimmer by a mere .06 inches, but it bears mentioning. This is the equivalent of the Glock 17, in compact version. The Glock 26 is out. Finally available for public consumption is the much anticipated Scorpion sub-gun. ↩ ∞ Harold Littell April 10, 2020, 9:01 am. Small … 97% with 242 reviews Popularity Score: Springfield Armory Hellcat. Glock 43. We’ll see if he changes. Glock often rests on their laurels, and the Glock 43 is a prime example of Glock not willing to push design forward. And the good doesn’t end here. Comparing 3 of the popular Micro Sub Compacts on the market. Variations, 65 The P365 proved you could take a tiny gun, and cram ten rounds into it and have it take up the same space as a single stack 9mm. The Hellcat is essentially the same size as the Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9es. Ok then it’s marginally different from the g43 in size. ... Taurus G2c that also have been flawless over 600 rounds of various ammo. S&W Shield / Sig Sauer 365 / Springfield Hellcat (Vote) Jump to Latest Follow Which Model And Why SW Shield ... and magazine changes are easier because of the size of the grip. You could say the G43 had become a standard-bearer for concealed carry guns, so putting it up head-to-head against the Hellcat would only be natural. PX Member. The Glock 43 has the typical polymer magazine which holds 6 rounds of #9mm.

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