the deer really liked those turnips. Turnips, radishes, canola, … ... can also provide nitrogen credit to the other plants in the plot since root nodules fix nitrogen from the air into the soil. The last thing you want to do is plant any old seed. Planting: Wheat is easy to grow and a suitable choice for wet ground. Once spring arrives the food plot mix will m ine the nutrients back over, and provide a very effective weed control mat. The most important thing one can do before planting a food plot is take a soil test. Plant seeds 1 to 1½ inches in depth. As far as a food plot, I would check with Whitetail Imperial and see what they recommend. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. This highly-palatable plant doesn’t require a cultipacker either. Magee holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology, with a focus on adult learning, from Elmhurst College. Yes, much can be done to create the best food available for your deer. Perennials tend to produce less forage in harsher weather. Acidity is only one of the factors to consider when planning a garden. Deepwoods® is a versatile seed blend created by Killer Food Plots to address the need for a high-quality forage requiring little-to-no ground preparation and flexibility to grow with minimal sunlight and in poor quality soil. I have a food plot that is very acidic. Plant seeds no deeper than 1 inch. Soil Test Fertilizer & Lime, 6. The best spring food plot mixture for deer in East Texas is a combination of Iron & Clay Cowpeas and Alyce Clover. Wildlife Food Plots. Why January is the Best Month for Deer Scouting, The Benelli Super Black Eagle: One of History's Great Duck Guns, Three Giant Bucks in One Incredible Season. A bad (or good) result does not mean the blend will have similar results on your property. Prepare the Food Plot Seed Bed, 8. Use a disc to work the fertilizer and lime into the ground while turning and exposing the dirt. As I walked down the trail enclosed overhead by bare oak branches, I crept past several green fields full of clovers and other growing plants. The best way I know to present a clear and true assessment of the best deer food plot plants is to divide the country into North and South and present appropriate seed species (not mixes, you do that on your own by reading labels or discussions below in this article) suitable for either one or both (see Tables 1 and 2). Food Plots: Messages posted to thread: Salty B: 16-Apr-12: sagittarius: 16-Apr-12: JMPendlet: 16-Apr-12: Salty B: 17-Apr-12: Rayzor : 18-Apr-12: turkulese: 18-Apr-12: By: Salty B. That’s exactly what’s needed to convert this rocky spot into a productive food plot. Perfect for a small early season kill plot in front of your stand. It’s always best to prepare the soil as best as possible. Again, the biggest thing is making sure the weeds are killed and plant just before a decent rain. These choices help gardeners expand their yield in slightly acidic soil. Only seed that was expensive was the radishes. There are two crops that fair we'll in sandy soil. Soil Testing ... Food Plot Maintenance..... 18 Weed/Grass Control ... ited, it is best to plant all possible ar-eas in the fall. Deer love it, and my pass-through arrows do, too. When newbies to the food plot world ask for advice, I wish more people would think like farmers. Crops are simply nutrient transfer agents that serve to transfer nutrients from the ground to the deer. It just … This small cereal grain is possibly the toughest of the grain family. If you’re dealing with less acreage, then it may be time to get creative with a dual perimeter electric food plot fence. The tires will ensure good seed-to-soil contact. Don't Miss: 18 Trees Whitetails Need and How to Identify Them. Even after the pods are long gone, deer will still demolish the wheat and rye. In these situations, planting numerous small food plots probably will not provide much food for the deer, but these small areas may increase the number of deer sightings and the chances of reaching established harvest goals. In mid-latitude states such as Missouri and Kentucky, wheat becomes very attractive to deer late-October to mid-November. “Food plot variety or mixes available at stores might not work in our sandy soil,” explained Barber, who works at the UF/IFAS Extension Columbia County office in Lake City. TEA won’t provide the benefits of adding organic matter to your sites, but the bacteria in TEA will help break down any organic matter available and make the associated benefits available to your food plot crops. You … Are you a hunter wanting to learn how to accomplish your goals? Luckily, deer are good at recognizing what not to chew. There are an array of options. We used Wildlife buffet as seed. If you know what your deer like, plant it. There is still time to get that seed in the ground. Planting: Oats need well-tilled soil. PTO Rototiller – This is probably the best tool for breaking up a … While some soils can be alkaline, most tend to be acidic and require a buffering agent, lime, to raise the soil pH. So, depending on what you plant, spray accordingly. Food plot demonstrations conducted by county Extension agents show that wildlife consume more vegetation grown in plots where soil amendments have been added than plots receiving no soil amendments. The very best thing to do may be to plant it to something like sweet clover, then when it matures, mow it off and till it under to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil. What to Plant, 9. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a great pH level to keep it alive. A single planting can last up to 5 years.

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