In order to hold our government agencies and officials accountable, investigative news organizations like The Marshall Project depend on courageous people to share information.       156 West 56th St., Suite 701 The Marshall Project is a nonprofit nonpartisan online journalism organization focusing on issues related to criminal justice in the United States, led by former hedge fund manager Neil Barsky and former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller. Training and education for lifelong learning - for apprenticeships, professionals and companies. PGP is good for hiding what you write, but it does not obscure the fact that you’re sending something to us, the subject line of the email or the time it is sent — often referred to as “metadata.” If you suspect someone may monitor your email activity, such as your employer, this could be a cause for concern. His number is 212-803-5257, and his email is You might want to start by perusing our staff list. Because bail is returned at the end of a case, donations to The Bail Project can be recycled and reused to pay bail two to three times per year, maximizing the impact of every dollar. Joseph Neff has written about attorney misconduct, the bail bond industry and how private entities profit from the justice system. It makes it very easy to send encrypted text messages or make encrypted phone calls. Her number is 212-803-5260, and her email is to obtain a certificate of good standing for my company? One thing to remember if you want us to pursue your story is that we will need to be able to contact you to verify what you’ve sent us. Get contact information for The Marshall Project and The Marshall Project journalists by joining Muck Rack. The project's route will go through parts of Shelby, Desoto, and Marshall counties. Stay Connected to Fisher House Foundation • Receive our free printed magazine The Patriot twice a year. We are also big fans of an app called Signal. Nonprofit journalism about criminal justice, A nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system, find our staffers' public keys on their bio pages. Abbie VanSickle writes about criminal justice reform in California. His phone number is 212-803-5265, and his email is Project 21 first burst into attention following the release of Black America 1994: Changing Direction in January 1994. We are not able to investigate innocence claims in individual cases. Send us your Signal number through a friend or in the mail so one of our reporters can get in touch with you discreetly. The Marshall Project will continue to track and publish data on coronavirus in our prison systems. By Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project and Joseph Neff, The Marshall Project This article was published in partnership with The Marshall Project, a … • Receive emails from the foundation including our ePatriot newsletter.. Versatile Montreal photographer offering custom framed prints! Her number is 212-803-5272, and her email is Nicole Lewis has written about the intersection of technology and incarceration and educational/rehabilitative opportunities in prison. She is also interested in women's incarceration. Her number is 212-803-5273, and her email is Give your organization an edge. Restek develops and manufactures GC and LC columns, reference standards, sample prep materials, and accessories for the international chromatography industry. Our mailing address at The Marshall Project is: The Marshall Project 156 West 56th St., Suite 701 New York, N.Y. 10019. If you have information you want to share about an area of criminal justice not listed here, you can email our editors at — Jamiles Lartey & Michelle Pitcher & Keri Blakinger The Marshall Project December 9, 2020 (Andrew Milligan/Pool via AP) Now that shipments of Covid-19 vaccine are on the move and FDA approval on the fast track, the fight begins over who will get the scarce vaccine first. The Marshall Project is a not-for-profit, non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering America's criminal justice system. If you send us something in the mail, please include (inside the envelope) the manner in which you’d like us to reach you. To reach her on WhatsApp, please email for further information. To tell stories that need to be told about failure, corruption and wrongdoing, we need people who work in or with criminal justice agencies—or who did before a transition between administrations—to be our guides. Project 21 members have been published, quoted or interviewed over 35,000 times since the program was launched in 1992. Patricia Marshall is listed as a Governor with Raising Up Project LLC in Washington. For more information or to comment, please contact: For design phase questions: Marshall Hampton, P.E., Special Project Administrator Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven 11201 N. Malcolm McKinley Drive M.S. This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. For FOIA / RSA 91-A requests and general NHDOT questions, contact the Public Information Office: [email protected] to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate? Staff writer Maurice Chammah writes about the death penalty, the work of prosecutors and defense lawyers, and violence in prisons and jails, with an emphasis on Texas. to get a hunting or fishing license? MARSHALL, Texas - Marshall City Manager Mark Rohr announced Tuesday the appointment of Fabio E. Angell as the new Director of Community … The Bail Project is a national nonprofit organization that pays bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence. Read this quick bit of advice on how to leak information on potential stories to us, safely. Our reporters and editors are not assigned to specific beats, but many of them have come to specialize in certain criminal justice topics. Friends of Marshall Animals ... cost of the building — an estimated $1.5 million of which FOMA is responsible for $450,000. This byline is for a different person with the same name. Prisons are prime incubators for the disease, as social distancing and basic contagion protections are largely impossible behind bars. His number is 212-803-5211, and his email is postal mail without a return address is one of the most secure ways to communicate — authorities would need a warrant to intercept and open it in transit. The seeds of The Marshall Project were planted a few years ago after I read two books. Alysia Santo has written about the bail industry, sexual assault in prisons, inmate abuse and privatization. His phone number is 212-803-5244, and his email is We Investigated How Police Use Dogs as Weapons. See how the virus has affected correctional facilities where you live. Our mailing address at The Marshall Project is:       The Marshall Project Our office is located at 40 Worth Street, suite 701 New York, NY 10013. Don’t tell anyone about your plans, and don’t use your work phone or email to contact us. The Rural Responses to the Opioid Epidemic demonstration sites will work with partners within the target communities to facilitate data sharing and integration, enhance prevention and education programs, and expand therapeutic services to individuals with opioid use disorder in their communities. To pitch a Life Inside piece, e-mail it to If you’re comfortable enough with computers to set up PGP on your machine, you can find our staffers' public keys on their bio pages. Deputy managing editor Tom Meagher specializes in data analysis and has written about capital punishment, crime rates and rape reporting. 1705 DeSales St, NW 8th Floor Washington, D.C. 20036 202.628.0871 (fax) 202.628.1091 [email protected] Her phone number is 206-552-5597, and her email is He also edits our “Life Inside” series. Our colleagues at ProPublica offer this advice: “U.S. One thing to remember if you want us to pursue your story is that we will need to be able to contact you to verify what you’ve sent us. By Neil Barsky, 11.15.2014. If you want to minimize—if not avoid entirely—any visible links between yourself and The Marshall Project, The Intercept offers some good, albeit technical, advice on becoming a whistleblower. Her number is 212-803-5258, and her email is We offer free Delivery in Montreal! Both are ways to keep up with stories and highlights from our comfort homes and programs for military and veterans’ families. Contact information for Department bureaus, divisions and Maintenance Districts are located below. The Marshall Project: Diversity and Inclusion, 2020. Cambridge-based. Senior Editor Andrew Cohen, a recovering attorney, puts together our email newsletters and writes our regular “Case in Point” feature, profiling cases that shed light on the criminal justice system. The National Guard Is Using Force on Prisoners After Little Training, COVID-19 spikes follow after prisoners are transferred, The Marshall Project’s Best Criminal Justice Reporting of 2020, Colorado ends “qualified immunity” defense for police in state court. You can mail us paper materials or digital files on, for example, a thumb drive.”. Contact Us. If you're comfortable with a smartphone, you can set up Signal. to renew your Notary Public? What Lisa Montgomery Has In Common With Many On Death Row: Extensive Trauma. Christie Thompson writes about immigration courts, deportation, detention and solitary confinement. The company is a Washington Wa Limited-Liability Company, which was filed on April 30, 2013. Clicking the individual Bureau/District/Division links will give you a more detailed list of contacts. The Marshall Project is collecting data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons. Don't call us from your personal phone either, if you can help it. Every one of us at The Marshall Project believes that we cannot fulfill our mission unless we continue to build a staff, board and management team that is representative of this country, our multiple audiences and the communities most affected by the issues we cover. — 01.06.2021 Our fourth annual diversity report. for State employee-retiree information? A broad variety of courses with highly skilled trainers and great results. It's also free and easy to use. Don’t visit our website at work. A Civilian's Guide to Insurrection Legalese, Hidden in Bill Passed Over Trump’s Veto: Limits on Police Militarization, The Marshall Project: Diversity and Inclusion, 2020, Congress Ends Penalty That Kept A Million Americans From Getting COVID Relief Funds. Eli Hager has written about juvenile justice, education, family court, fines and fees and the criminalization of poverty.       New York, N.Y. 10019. Don’t use your company or agency mailroom to send something to us. Simone Weichselbaum covers national policing issues, including reform, police leadership and the intersection of politics and technology within the policing industry. News and Awards January 6. One thing to keep in mind is that we are journalists, not lawyers. Since 2014, The Marshall Project has been curating some of the best criminal justice reporting from around the web. MARSHALL — This year was anything but normal, Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson said. Her number is 212-803-5259, and her email is To help those who have criminal justice stories for us, we’ve put together this short guide on who to contact in our newsroom and the best ways to reach them, particularly if you want to keep your fingerprints off of a story. Get the best criminal justice news from around the web, in your inbox. Beth Schwartzapfel has written about parole, juvenile justice, sex crimes, addiction and substance use and health care for those in prison and after their release. Author: Local 24 Staff (Local 24) Published: 6:16 PM CST December 15, 2020 Our mission is to provide the highest quality regional facility support training for public safety, industry and citizens in a safe environment.Facility Features ClassroomsLEARN MORE Ethanol PropLEARN MORE Wind Tower PropLEARN MORE Training TowerLEARN MORE Driving TrackLEARN MORE SimulatorsLEARN MORE Rental InfoClassroom, Props, Simulator and Driving Course Rentals … Many of our staff members use a technology called PGP (for “Pretty Good Privacy”) to encrypt the contents of our email. The address on file for this person is 35219 202nd Pl Se, Auburn, WA 98092 in King County. His phone number is 919-812-8615; his email is Interactive reporter Anna Flagg analyzes and visualizes criminal justice data and has worked on stories about solitary confinement, deportations and line-of-duty police deaths. Her number is 212-803-5212, and her email is This can prevent an outside observer, such as a snooping government agency, from reading what you write to us. And we'll go to every possible length to protect the identities of people who want to share ideas, documents and data with us in confidence. Email: [email protected] Innocence Project of Texas 300 Burnett Street, Suite 160 Fort Worth, Texas 76102. We help you develop your people, improve your culture and team dynamics, and plan breakthrough experiences that change mindsets and drive results. to get an E-ZPass transponder for my vehicle? Reach us via email at [email protected], or, call us at 212.425.2345. Contributing writer Julia Preston covers immigration, including deportation, detention and other enforcement; border issues; immigration courts; immigrant youth and links between immigration and other law enforcement. If you have updates to the data to share or other comments, please contact us at [email protected] We are publishing the raw data we have collected at, in partnership with the Associated Press, and on Github. One in five inmates in the U.S. has had COVID-19 and over 1,700 have died. If you really want to be anonymous when you contact us, the U.S. mail is a good way to go. 7-500 Tampa, FL 33612-6456 Phone: (800) 226-7220 or (813) 975-6078 marshall[email protected] Mail your package or envelope from an unfamiliar sidewalk box instead of going to a post office. to find the NH Sex Offender Registry? Here’s How You Can Do It Too. By The Marshall Project. December 18, 2020 / 1:34 PM / AP Read past years' reports: 2019, 2018 and 2017. Her email is Don’t subscribe to our daily newsletter with your work email account. We do not accept requests for assistance via email, phone, or fax. In these records you will find the most recent and the most authoritative articles on the topics, people and events that are shaping the criminal justice conversation. The Marshall Project is an Emmy nominated nonprofit, online journalism organization focusing on issues related to criminal justice in the United States, founded by former hedge fund manager Neil Barsky and with former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller as its first editor-in-chief. to become a Justice of the Peace? Our unbeatable Plus 1 customer service and top-quality products are known world-wide.

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